A Bitch About Crystal Cruises

The Cancellation

Missing Refunds

The $80,000+ Cruise

On November 20, 2018, nearly two years ago, I booked a cruise on Crystal Cruise Lines. It wasn’t an ordinary cruise. This was a 19-day European cruise, complete with the owner suite.

The cost of the cruise was over $83,000.

Crystal Cruise receipt

Enter: The Pandemic!

On or about March 19, 2020, Crystal canceled their own cruise. At that time, I had a choice of a full refund or a 125% voucher on a future cruise.

On April 1, 2020, I chose the full refund.

Up to this point, nobody could blame anyone for the uncertainty that came with the following weeks. Certainly, nobody could know when a cruise might sail again.

I could never have known, at that time, I might never see my money again.

Promises Without Fulfillment

As I write this, it is now October 20, 2020, and after multiple lies of them sending the refund, I have still not received the refund.

To add insult to injury, as of today they still can’t tell me when or if I will be getting that refund!

Supposedly, this is the nicest, fanciest cruise line on earth — which, of course, we know is bullshit!


I have been very patient for many months. Now, my patience has worn out. So welcome to bitch.com, bitches, because that’s what I’m fucking dealing with over at CrystalCruises.com.

So, they use the word 'SOON' when it came to giving me a refund, after seven months? That’s bullshit!

This site will come down 'SOON', but not until I get my fucking refund, ASSHOLES!

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Old teller window

A Guest, Not A Banker

I’m not your financier, and I didn’t buy stock in your company. Give me my full refund, and stop lying to me.

Stop the bullshit.

The longer this site stays up, the more it’s going to be indexed by Google. I can’t stop the circulation once it starts; you own this shit!

So these are the motherfuckers that won’t give me my money back. These are the bitches that keep lying to me. These are the bitches that really don’t give a shit. These are the bitches that I’ve wasted seven months of my time. These are just bitches, and now everyone in the world knows it, including the fucking neighbors!

Not A Lone Sailor

I am not the only one, it affects MANY MORE!!!

If they treat ME like this, with the BEST SUITE ON THE SHIP, imagine how they treat others. That makes Crystal Cruise Lines BITCHES!!!

If you have had an issue, EMAIL ME HERE!!

As I scour the 'net, and find more people in management, I will be posting their names and their pictures. Anyone that I can find that’s associated with Crystal Cruises will have a home right here!

Deal with it.

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Your Crystal Cruises Crew

The New CEO

Jack Anderson of Crystal Cruises

Photo: Crystal Cruises media center

The New CEO

Jack Anderson is the new CEO of Crystal Cruises, having taken the helm of this company on October 2, 2020, according to the Crystal Cruise website.

Mr. Anderson's tenure began on a Friday, as he took over from outgoing CEO Tom Wolber, who had been in the captain's seat for about three years. According to Crystal Cruises, Mr. Anderson's tenure is on an "interim basis", based on the headline.

What is particularly interesting is that Crystal Cruises own media department describes Mr. Anderson as being a "cruise industry veteran" who has served as an advisor for the past three years to the outgoing CEO.

We have to ask: Did Mr. Anderson suggest to Mr. Wolber that guests be told they would receive refunds, but not actually get their money back?

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The Old CEO

Tom Wolber of Crystal Cruises

Photo: Crystal Cruises media center

The Old CEO

Tom Wolber is the outgoing CEO of Crystal Cruises. His three-year reign came to an end at the close of September, 2020, according to the company's own website.

Mr. Wolber is the man who, for the past 36 months, has defined the zeitgeist of Crystal Cruises. As the old maxim goes, "The speed of the boss is the speed of the crew".

Given the current refund situation for Crystal Cruises guests, who had their cruises canceled BY THE COMPANY, how does Mr. Wolber explain the policy that informs guests that refunds are coming, when they don't actually send the refund?

According to Crystal Cruises, Wolber stepped down to "spend more time with his family and to pursue other interests".

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A Fairly-new COO

Karl Muhlberger of Crystal Cruises

Photo: Crystal Cruises media center

A Fairly-new COO

Karl Muhlberger joined the "expanding fleet of Crystal Experiences" in late February, 2020, according to the Crystal Cruise media pages.

Mr. Muhlberger, at the time, was said to report directly to Tom Wolber, then the CEO of Crystal Cruises. We are sure he reports to Mr. Anderson, these days, now that Mr. Anderson is the new CEO.

Crystal Cruises has touted Mr. Mulhberger's extensive culinary experience, which leads me to wonder whether he deals with more than food when it comes to cooking things.

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The Senior Veep

This is Walter Littlejohn III, who bills himself on his LinkedIn profile as a "senior cruise industry executive". In its media, Crystal Cruises calls him the Senior Vice President and Manager of Cruise Operations.

Mr. Littlejohn is quoted at length by Crystal Cruises, in their own news release dated Augsut 10, 2020, discussing welcoming guests back aboard and working to "ensure their wellness and peace of mind when that day comes". I guess know the exact date of anything, a future cruise or a refund, is a problem for this company right now.

So, is this the guy?! Is this the manager who made the decision to cancel cruises, then tell guests a refund was on its way, then take a refund vacation?

In my opinion, it's not an unfair question to ask. In fact, you might say, it's the '83-Thousand Dollar Question!'

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The Marketing Veep

Kari Tarnowski of Crystal Cruises

Photo: CruiseIndustryNews.com

The Marketing Veep

Kari Tarnowski is the Vice President of Marketing for Crystal Cruises, and she has been with the company since 2017, according to industry news.

Ms. Tarnowski has worked at a number of luxury cruise lines, according to Cruise Industry News, including being a chief marketing officer at Elite Island Resorts.

How difficult do you think the marketing job is going to be when people have to ask whether the ship will sail? In this case, it might be worth it to feel a bit sorry for Ms. Tarnowski. She's going to have a tough job when this all shakes out.

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The Business Development Manager

Debbie Doty of Crystal Cruises

The Business Development Manager

Debbie Doty is currently the Strategic Business Development Manager for Crystal Cruises. She has been with Crystal Cruises since at least 2010, according to industry news.

Ms. Doty was also recently the Group and Incentive Sales Manager of Crystal Cruises, according to her LinkedIn profile, and she started with the company as part of the a regional sales team in California, according to Cruise Industry News.

Finding more information about Ms. Doty is difficult. She does not say much on her LinkedIn profile. There's nothing written about her on the Crystal Cruise website, but we know she works there.

The question now is whether Ms. Debbie Doty develops the refund strategy, too, or just sales and business development.

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